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Draft4SMS specializes in SMS APIs and cloud telephony services. We provide the most innovative and comprehensive SMS platform in the country. Our SMS APIs are easy to work with, even for non-technical persons.

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Welcome to Draft4sms!


Companies connecting to our messaging infrastructure through SMPP have essentially no limitations in terms of the volume and functionality they can obtain.

We offer enterprise-grade SMPP communication for suggesting customers with high volume/high SMS traffic. With your bulk SMS application, we can provide multiple SMPP accounts. In addition to providing complete SMS applications, DRAFT4SMS also offers SMPP connectivity for resellers.

Features of our SMPP Gateway

SMPP Connectivity

We offer SMPP Connectivity using the standard SMPP 3.4 Version API.

SMPP Results

By using a powerful SMS gateway, you are assured of good results.

Delivery Reports

Additionally, you'll be able to track live traffic in addition to receiving delivery reports.


You can easily send bulk SMS messages faster than standard XML, HTTP, and JSON APIs.

Infrastructural resilience

We provide you with a secure as well as a reliable gateway for SMPP that is backed by a robust infrastructure.

SMPP Support

We provide you with both promotional and transactional SMS support.

SMPP Transmitter

Utilizes the binds mode to act as a transmitter, transceiver, and receiver.

SMPP Sessions

Binds multiple sessions together.

Global Coverage

SMS coverage is guaranteed to be global.

Why use DRAFT4SMS as your SMPP Gateway?

1. Scalable SMS Gateway based on proprietary technology.
2. A real-time delivery report in real-time.
3. Billing transparency & 365-days support.
4. We provide a user-friendly MIS Web portal.
5. SMPP Versions V3.3 and V3.4.
6. Supports multiple sessions (TX, RX, TRX)
7. Separate transactional and promotional support
8. Real-time SMS tracking (Live SMS Queues)
9. There is no TPS shortage.
10. Dedicated Project Manager.

You can reach our dedicated DLT support team via email at support@draft4sms.com or Call +91 7358090912