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Draft4SMS specializes in SMS APIs and cloud telephony services. We provide the most innovative and comprehensive SMS platform in the country. Our SMS APIs are easy to work with, even for non-technical persons.

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By TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) (TCCCPR 2018), telemarketers must be registered on the DLT platform.

Its purpose is to control SMS spam from various marketing firms in the public interest. In addition, the objective is to increase transparency and reduce spam and fraud through SMS.

Entity registration

Fill in the required information and documents on any below mentioned DLT platforms.

Customer can register in any of the below telecom operators to get the Entity ID, Headers, and contents approval by providing the required documents/information.

DLT Platforms Links

Videocon DLT Platform
Trueconnect Jio DLT platform
Airtel DLT Platform
Trueconnect Jio DLT platform
MTNL DLT Platform
BSNL DLT Platform

Once the PE/Registration ID is received from the telecom operator, the Customer must log in to that same telecom operator to get the sender/header ID and templates/contents approval.

Header Registration

DLT Platform Registration Process

In DLT platforms, we offer two kinds of headers to choose from. Following is a description of how to register for each type of Header:

Promotions (SMS such as discounts, deals, etc.)

Enter your preferred 6-digit numeric headers (sender ID) in the 'Find your Header' text box, then choose your category/industry type from the dropdown, then indicate your choice in the description field and/or by attaching a supporting document

Others (SMS such as alerts, Validation codes, etc.)

Please enter your preferred 6-character alpha headers (sender ID) in the text box, indicate your choice in the description field and attach a supporting document.


The entity name should match the customer header. For example, if the Customer's company name is ABC Solutions, then ABCSOL, ABCSLN of that type must be registered.

Ensure that your entity name is selected as the Header. Otherwise:

Videocon: Please attach a document/image that shows the website link, trademark certificate, or any other document/image that shows the relation between your entity name and your requested Header.

VIL/BSNL: Please provide the website link, trademark certificate, or other reference proving the relationship between the entity name and the requested Header. Please include your mobile phone number in the description so that our DLT support team may call you back if any clarifications are needed.

Contact our dedicated DLT support team if you have any questions or concerns about DLT: support@draft4sms.com
Call +91 7358090912

Content/Templates registration

As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), SMS will only be delivered if the SMS Content Template is approved on DLT and the Template ID is provided. Therefore, please ensure that you apply the SMS Content Templates separately for each type of SMS you are sending.

Step 1: Prepare a list of SMS Contents to be sent.

You must identify the SMS you are sending. Below are two suggestions to help you identify and find the SMS content:

On the left panel, under OneAPI / Flow, select the "Download Templates" button to download the recently used SMS Contents (there might be a few more that aren't there, so check within your team for more such messages).

Step 2: Log in to the DLT Platform

Please login to the DLT Platform where you have registered your Organization or Entity.

Step 3: Click on Content Templates

Please visit the Content Template Section (not the Consent Template Section) of the DLT Platform.

Step 4: Request a new content template

Service Implicit: Any purely transactional SMS content, such as OTPs, order placement, order tracking, passwords, etc., should be registered here.

Service Explicit: All promotional content should be registered here, such as discounts, offers, new products, etc.

Transactional: Here, you will register all kinds of OTPs that banks require to complete banking transactions. Only banks may use this category.

APIs for sending templates

We validate your messages against all your approved templates and pass the message with the associated DLT template ID if it matches your account's approved templates.
Please provide your approved numeric sender ID in the mandatory "sender" parameter when sending messages via API. Any API requests without a valid sender name will be rejected.

Click the 'Send Text Messages' button under the Send tab

Please send your message to the group or individual contacts you want to receive it.

Choose the registered template from the 'Templates' dropdown.

From the dropdown, select the required sender ID (headers)

Text boxes that appear in restricted template items need to be filled in.

To send a message, click 'Send Message.'

Contact our dedicated DLT support team if you have any questions or concerns about DLT: support@draft4sms.com
Call +91 7358090912